UFC's Greatest Hits

release year: 2000
genre: fighting compilation
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/9/17 and 8/13/03 (part 1) and home DVD, 4/12/17 and 8/24/03 (part 2)

synopsis: This is a collection of several dozen of the best fights from the Ultimate Fighting Championship

2017 impressions: In the 14 years since I originally bought and watched this, I've become more of a UFC fan. I now realize - and you should too - that this isn't just random, uncontrolled violence. It can be bloody and explosive, but there's a lot of strategy and thinking to go with the reflexes and the kicks and the submissions. Also, the refereees are on constant alert to watch for a fighter who's unable to defend himself, in which case they jump in and stop the fight immediately. I'm glad this sport took off afer SEG sold the UFC to Zuffa in 2001.

2003 impressions: Not much to say about this - it's sheer violence. If you like to see various fighting styles pitted against each other, this is your thing. These DVDs are from the early days, meaning they still have the SEG logo on them (that's the original company that started UFC.) Volume 1 covers from UFC 1 through UFC 17 on 5/15/1998. Volume 2 covers through UFC 23 on 11/19/1999.

acting: n/a

relevant link: UFC official site

final word: Good classic fights from the early days of UFC and mixed martial arts.

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