Universal Soldier: The Return

release year: 1999
genre: action
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/12/10 and 5/24/02 and theater, 8/27/99

synopsis: The government is still creating super-soldiers, and when their master computer gets power-crazy, only one man can save us.

impressions: This is mindless action. There are only a few problems: Van Damme's character is supposed to be a big thinker who can also fight, despite stated evidence that the enemies are much stronger and faster than he is. On top of that, they were also apparently bulletproof, which ticked me off. If bullets aren't going to stop someone, I want to hear that the person's made of steel, or something.

acting: Van Damme is getting like Arnold in his old age: thinking he can do well in roles where he isn't a total badass. It really doesn't work. Bill Goldberg (formerly of WCW) is the big draw here as a tank-like soldier. Michael Jai White does a decent job as the evil computer-put-into-a-body.

final word: Entertaining, but no more.

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