release year: 1996
genre: sci-fi/fantasy
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 10/14/97
what I expected: vampire cheese
what I got: well...vampire cheese, but it was good cheese

synopsis: From the peaceful vampire planet of Drakulon comes the evil, violent Vlad. Chasing him is the peaceful, beautiful Vampirella. Can she stop him before he implements his plan to enable vampires to rule Earth?

impressions: This one had high production values, a fairly tight plot (for movies of this kind) and also good acting and humor. It was a superior effort, given the limitations of the script (Vampirella has appeared in comic books since 1972, and her origin there is badly muddled, and thus most of her comics don't make much sense.) The movie had your basic plot, featuring revenge, a bad girl heroine, a vile bad guy, his evil master plan, a dashing good guy, the other good guy who doesn't trust the apparently evil good girl. It also had two gratuitous topless shots, which is always a plus. This movie felt like a pilot for a TV series, especially given the ending comments. Another note: this was a Roger Corman movie.

acting: Talisa Soto did, we thought, a credible job as Vampirella (she could've used slightly bigger breasts, but oh well.) Roger Daltrey made a good, nasty Count Dracula.

final word: Interesting. Corny, but interesting.

rating: C

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