National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation

release year: 1997
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 7/11/97
what I expected: more zaniness in the style of the first Vacation movie
what I got: evidence that this series has just about been milked dry

synopsis: The ultimate family-man dork, Clark Griswold, is taking his family on another vacation...this time to Vegas.

impressions: This had some funny moments (particularly Rusty's alter-ego, Mr. Papagiorgio) but suffered from the presence of people like Randy Quaid.

acting: Chevy Chase tries, but there's only so much he can do with this role after three previous movies. Ditto for Beverly D'Angelo. I don't care for Wayne Newton, so I won't mention his role.

final word: Watchable, but probably not more than once.

rating: C-

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