Venom: “Outstanding. Now let's bite off all their heads off and pile them up in the corner.”
Eddie: “Why would we do that?"
Venom: “Pile of bodies, pile of heads.”

release year: 2018
genre: superhero drama/action
viewing setting: home Bluray 12/26/18

synopsis: A down-on-his-luck loser ends up merged with a powerful and lethal alien creature.

impressions: It took a while to get going (Eddie's loser-ness and poor decisions required a lot of setup) but then it had plenty of action and laughs. Some of the lines from the symbiote Venom were hilarious - and probably would have been missed without subtitles. Great writing here. Venom, while technically part of the Marvel cinematic universe, is not the typical hero, as he sometimes eats people. This makes for an edge that most of these movies lack.

acting: Tom Hardy is the main character, a journalist who often doesn't think before he acts, but is then forced to do better after the symbiote comes along. Michelle Williams is his girlfriend, who leaves him after one particularly bad decision, but then ends up having to help him with the Venom problem. Riz Ahmed is a young billionaire whose goals take precedence over morality.

final word: Good (and funny) anti-hero superhero movie.

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