Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

release year: 1961
genre: science fiction/action
viewing setting: home DVD, 8/26/09 and 2/27/03

synopsis: Cool new nuclear sub ends up being the only thing in a position to save the Earth when the Van Allen radiation belts start burning up.

impressions: This was the movie-turned-pilot for one of those sci-fi series I used to watch on TV as a kid. It's not aged that well, but it's still okay. Among the perils that must be overcome during the mission: underwater ice avalanche, small octopus threatening divers, minefield, giant squid trying to crush sub, enemy sub w/torpedoes, sabotage from within. It should be good fun for kids, if not adults.

acting: Good main performances, especially from the admiral, the captain, the physicist, the secretary, and the castaway.

final word: Decent, if dated, sci-fi action.

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