Warehouse 13 (season 2)

release year: 2010
genre: sci-fi/action/drama/comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/16-29/13

synopsis: The agents' lives become more hectic and dangerous, as they deal with some world-threatening plots.

impressions: This was the second season, and had standalone episodes as well as tying up the season one plot arc and starting a new one that, once again, ended the season with a close call and apparent dismal times ahead. I really like this show due to the mythology - the dozens (hundreds...thousands) of powerful and/or interesting items from the fiction and real life of the world. This season also introduced the concept of previous warehouses, which is just fascinating. Episode briefs:
  • (1) The astonishing identity of the prisoner freed by McPherson is revealed
  • (2) Someone in a small town is playing superhero and beating up criminals
  • (3) Something is bringing characters from other times into the real world
  • (4) Myka poses as a model to find out why other models are suddenly aging fast and dying
  • (5) The warehouse gets a computer upgrade, which goes wrong, and the insane creator of the last system is the only one who can shut it down
  • (6) One of the team suffers from intense hallucinations mixed with paranoia
  • (7) College wrestlers are suddenly winning...and spontaneously combusting
  • (8) Pete and Myka find that they've switched bodies at a really bad time
  • (9) Artie's past threatens him; Claudia finds out why Todd is so weird
  • (10) Pete and Myka use Wells' time travel device to go back to 1961 and solve a mystery
  • (11) The lost Warehouse 2, in Egypt, is violated, and must be shut down before it destroys Mrs. Frederic's mind
  • (12) The true villain of this arc, and a plan for mass destruction, are revealed, with multiple unpleasant aftermath events

  • acting: Joanne Kelly is Myka, who's all business and can fight. Eddie McClintock is Pete, who goofs off and doesn't always take things seriously (but is slowly becoming more mature.) Saul Rubinek is Artie, their boss who's been doing this for forty years and who has some past secrets of his own. Genelle Williams is Leena, who can read auras. Allison Scagliotti is Claudia, the young hacker punk who proves useful.

    final word: Interesting mix of the Friday the 13th and X-Files series with a bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark thrown in.

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