Warehouse 13 (season 4)

release year: 2012
genre: sci-fi/action/drama/comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/9/13 - 7/20/13

synopsis: This season pretty much deals with the fallout of the Warehouse's destruction last season, then brings in a new villain around halfway through.

impressions: This was the fourth season, and mostly dealt with a new evil menace caused by the artifact used to undo the carnage at the end of season 3. Just a couple of gripes: 1) when facing a bad guy who is to blame for much misery, SHOOT HIM while you can!!! 2) when facing someone who you know has become evil due to powerful magical forces, don't waste time trying to talk them out of it, because it won't work 3) when considering the death of one in order to save the world, there's really no room for debate, just act. At times, the people working for the warehouse don't seem to take their job as seriously as they should, which still bothers me. Also, their job would be so much easier if they'd just use some of the thousands of powerful items that they control, which finally really started happening a lot (but not enough) in this season. Episode briefs:
  • (1) The survivors look into a possible way to undo all the death and destruction
  • (2) An artifact is causing people to hallucinate and think other people are monsters who need to be attacked
  • (3) The team hunts down the lost artifacts stolen by Sykes
  • (4) Two teams hunt down two more artifacts
  • (5) A hockey player seems to be ignoring what should be major injuries
  • (6) Psychotic Alice escapes from her mirror again
  • (7) A drug is apparently making people taller, and another person learns of the existence of the Warehouse
  • (8) People in a small town are rusting
  • (9) The agents' family and friends come under attack from the evil Brother Adrian
  • (10) The truth of Brother Adrian and the evil is revealed, and an artifact that can kill everyone in the world is activated
  • (11) The effects of the Chinese Orchid are stopped before everyone dies, and in the process an interesting individual becomes involved
  • (12) Artie srtuggles to accept responsibility for what he's done
  • (13) Pete and Myka are transported back into a fictional 1940s universe
  • (14) Two different cases are worked on, and the Warehouse gets a new psychotherapist
  • (15) They revisit H.G. Wells in her new, civilian life
  • (16) Someone's using a lava artifact
  • (17) A couple of cases end up introducing a weird 15-year-old boy, and Myka gets some bad news
  • (18) The team goes after a bunch of missing artifacts from Warehouse 12, and a huge mistake is made
  • (19) The race is on to save Claudia and stop the evil madman
  • (20) In the typical season-ending cliffhanger, the Warehouse is completely taken over by the bad guy

  • acting: Joanne Kelly is Myka, who's all business and can fight. Eddie McClintock is Pete, who goofs off and doesn't always take things seriously (which spells disaster once for sure, and almost does several other times.) Saul Rubinek is Artie, their boss who's been doing this for forty years and is weary. Allison Scagliotti is Claudia, the young hacker punk who's now evolved into someone who genuinely cares about the Warehouse and her co-workers. Kelly Hu is a psychotherapist assigned to the Warehouse, and who proves quite useful. Lindsay Wagner is Artie's doctor and love interest. Jaime Murray is the resurrected H.G. Wells from the late 1800s. Anthony Michael-Hall is the main villain from the end of last season. Anthony Stewart Head is the main villain from the end of this season.

    final word: Interesting mix of the Friday the 13th and X-Files series with a bit of Raiders of the Lost Ark thrown in.

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