Walker Texas Ranger, season 1

release year: 1993-1994
genre: police action
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/16/15 to 8/19/15 (26 episodes)

synopsis: Cordell Walker is an old-fashioned, karate-using, half-Cherokee Texas Ranger who doggedly pursues bad guys and does what's right. He's helped by his young, technology-savvy partner, the DA who is interested in him romantically, his old retired mentor, and his wise Cherokee Indian uncle.

impressions: This really consisted of the 3-episode pilot season plus a 23-episode regular season. There were a lot of guest stars (some in early roles) and a lot of character development. And of course a lot of action, mostly fighting but also guns and vehicle chases. If I had one complaint, it's that the justice system doesn't always work, and isn't always fair. Walker knows it but he still works within it (unlike his Ranger character in the darker Lone Wolf McQuade.)

acting: Chuck Norris is always watchable in this role. He's a nice guy but he can and will kick the bad guys' asses when it's called for. Clarence Gilyard (who you may remember as hacker criminal Theo in Die Hard) is the younger, well-dressed, tech-savvy partner but he's also an athlete and can fight. Sheree Wilso is the DA, who is attracted to Walker but won't just come out and say it. Noble Willingham is the semi-retired Ranger who runs the bar where they all hang out, and sometimes gets involved in cases. Floyd Westerman is Walker's sagely Indian uncle.

final word: Very watchable 1990s action television.

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