The Walking Dead

release year: 2010
genre: survival zombie horror, TV series
viewing setting: home cable, 11/12/10

synopsis: A small group of survivors deals with the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

impressions: After two weeks of missing this show due to it being on at 10 pm the night before work, I finally caught up when AMC showed the first three episodes back-to-back srarting a little earlier. This is an extremely well-done show; the mood and pacing are strong, and there's plenty of gore to go along with the scary moments. This show also shares a key element with the comic series that it's based on (as well as pretty much every zombie movie ever made) - the fact that some humans are just as much monsters as the zombies. An insane survival situation brings out the worst in some people. Only three episodes in, there are already two humans who probably don't need to be around, and two more who I'd have probably shot already.

acting: Andrew Lincoln is Rick, a cop who wakes up to this chaos and just wants to find his wife and son. Jon Bernthal is Shane, his co-worker and best friend who has some emotional issues. Steven Yeun is Glenn, a kid who's learned to infiltrate the zombie-filled big cities to get food and supplies. More characters, both major and minor, will be introduces as the series unfolds.

final word: Outstanding! Essential zombie viewing.

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