"The future... The polar ice caps have melted, covering the earth with water. Those who survived have adapted, to a new world."   - (narrator)

release year: 1995
genre: action/sci-fi/drama
viewing setting: home Bluray 12/23/18

synopsis: On a future Earth covered entirely in water, a strange lone sailor has adventures and ends up helping a little girl against some pirates.

impressions: This was somewhat critically panned, but it's not bad in any way I can see. It's just a waterborne variant of the Road Warrior concept, with a kind of quest/goal underlying everything. There's plenty of action, and the acting is fine.

acting: Kevin Costner is fairly quiet and serious as the Mariner, who knows all there is to know about life on the ocean. Dennis Hopper is the crusty, scenery-chewing pirate leader. Jeanne Tripplehorn is a woman who cares for a mysterious, sassy little girl, played by Tina Majorino.

final word: Good futuristic adventure on, in, and around water.

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