When Harry Met Sally

release year: 1989
genre: comedy/drama/love story
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/16/01
what I expected: n/a - I'd seen it before, just not in a while
what I got: good entertaining romantic comedy

synopsis: Two people meet in college, then run into each other several times over the next ten years before finally realizing that they love each other.

impressions: Yes, I really do watch (and enjoy) movies without guns and violence and zombies. This is one of those movies. What we have here is basically a love story drawn out over a long span of time, with a script that pays attention to character details and with actors who make it come alive. It's funny, it's serious, and it says a lot about the ups and downs and BS of relationships these days. The core issue/question here is whether men and women can truly be friends without wanting more...and come to think of it, the movie never does answer this question. Things to watch for: that (in)famous scene in Katz's deli in New York, the brief intermissions where older couples relate amusing stories about how they met and courted.

acting: Top-notch work from Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, who make the title characters likeable and easy to identify with, applaud, and laugh at. Bruno Kirby and Carrie Fisher do well in supporting roles as Harry and Sally's best friends.

final word: One of the best modern romantic comedies, worth seeing

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