Where Eagles Dare

release year: 1968
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home DVD, 3/1/09 and 1/1/2004

synopsis: During WWII, some Allied agents must penetrate a Nazi fortress high in the mountains...but not all is as it seems.

impressions: Pretty good action/espionage mix. The plot got convoluted, to the point where Clint Eastwood's character poked fun at it within the movie. There were lots of bombs, knives, gunfights, explosions, etc plus parachuting, rock climbing, cable car fights. A fine WWII movie.

things to watch for: The entire running fight in the fortress.

acting: Richard Burton is oddly British here, being in charge and slowly giving out the complicated scheme. Clint Eastwood is the token American good guy. The two female agents who helped them did pretty good jobs too.

final word: Good war movie, worth seeing.

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