The Wild Wild West series pilot aka Night of the Inferno

release year: 1965
genre: action/suspense/western
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/6/06

synopsis: In the 1860s, tough hero Jim West and wisecracking, disguise-using Artemus Gordon must infiltrate and stop a rising Mexican army.

impressions: This is the first episode of a classic TV series. Forget that crap you saw in the 1999 movie with Will Smith; this show is the real deal. It mixes action and espionage with an old West twist. Like many pilot episodes, this one didn't quite feel as polished as later installments; however, it got the job done. The guys have to find out how and why a Mexican warlord is building an army and destroying small towns near the border. There's plenty of humor, gadgets, and fighting and a godo simple plot.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A hidden gun whose parts are kept in two boot heels and a belt buckle.

acting: Robert Conrad begins his 6-season career as soldier/spy Jim West. Ross Martin is his always-useful sidekick.

final word: Good classic TV, worth seeing. I'm glad I have 27 more episodes in this DVD set.

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