Within the Rock

release year: 1996
genre: sci-fi/horror
viewing setting: VHS, 12/8/98
what I expected: a cheesy movie
what I got: a TV-type movie take of "Aliens" meets "Armageddon"

synopsis: An asteroid must be diverted in order to save the Earth, but the drilling team that goes to do it unleashes an ancient alien monster.

impressions: This was like Armageddon (idiotic characters and all) except that there was an alien inside the asteroid. It was generally entertaining, but some of the characters did some really stupid things. After noting aloud that the bullets didn't penetrate the monster's hide, you do NOT walk right up to the fallen monster to look at it! The thing is, the basic plot idea (especially the origin of the alien monster) is pretty cool. The implementation was just a little sub-par.

acting: Decent to bad. Nobody major in this one.

final word: Decent effort, worth seeing once (but just barely)

rating: C-

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