Wrestlemania VIII

release year: 1992
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/23/12

synopsis: This eighth annual wrestling mega-event featured, among other things, the debut of Ric Flair at Wrestlemania.

where it happened: Indianapolis

impressions: As previously, I won't go into great detail, but rather mention some highlights. The idiotic backwoods Bushwhackers won a match. Shawn Michaels began his solo career. Bret Hart and Roddy Piper had a great long fight. Randy Savage and Ric Flair had a long, bloody match over the rights to Miss Elizabeth. The Ultimate Warrior came running in to help Hogan against Sid Justice. Celebrities on hand for this one (in addition to any already mentioned above) were Reba McEntire and Ray Combs.

fun quote #1: Gorilla Monsoon: "He may have dislocated his clavicle!"

fun quote #2: Gorilla Monsoon: "The ramifications of this one could change your whole lifestyle."

fun quote #3: Gorilla Monsoon: "You've found somebody more conceited than you!"
Bobby Heenan: "Thank you!"

final word: Better than the last one, but also had some weak matches.

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