Wrestlemania IX

release year: 1993
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/14/12

synopsis: This ninth annual wrestling mega-event had a Roman/Colosseum theme, complete with togas, scantily-clad girls, people being carried out to the ring on platforms, and so on.

where it happened: Las Vegas

impressions: As previously, I won't go into great detail, but rather mention some highlights: the Wrestlemania debut of commentator Jim Ross and also Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan, who made an overall entertaining commentator team...an "Emperor Caesar" and "Cleopatra" kicking things off...Gene Okerlund and Jim Ross in togas...Randy Savage switching with Bobby Heenan so that Savage got carried out on a nice platform while Heenan rode out backwards on a camel...elephants, ostriches, a falcon, and a camel...Tatanka beating Shawn Michaels and the weirdo chick Luna...young Steiner brothers...Doink the clown and his mysterious twin...Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall...Brutus Beefcake's first match after his real-life face injury...Hogan and Beefcake throwing out the bad guys' cash after beating them...Lex Luger's self-serving promo and attitude...Giant Gonzales and his muscle suit...the Undertaker being knocked out and then awakening to come out and win the fight...sumo champion Yokuzuna beating Bret Hart after a hell of a match, and then being beaten by Hulk Hogan in a second spontaneous match.

fun quote #1: Jim Ross: "No doubt if the Macho Man had lived in Roman times...he would have been the most fierce gladiator of them all."

fun quote #2: Randy Savage: "I think Luna's got a bad attitude, to say the least."
Jim Ross: "It's the only kind of attitude she knows."
Randy Savage: "Well, you know her better than I do, guaranteed. I believe she is a vestal virgin, but for a different reason."

fun quote #3: Bobby Heenan: "I don't have to answer questions that you ask me...you're lucky I let you sit here."
Randy Savage: "Especially when you don't know the answers."

fun quote #4: Randy Savage: "We're not trying to kick field goals here...this is WRESTLING."

fun quote #5: Randy Savage: "Jabbing with a hurt shoulder...Shawn Michaels, he knows he's gotta pull out all the stops."

fun quote #6: Randy Savage: "That was more than an insult right there...that was pain!"

fun quote #7: Jim Ross: "I'm concerned about the official who is lying there motionless."
Randy Savage: "No, he's just out cold."

final word: This one lacked new ideas but had some interesting matchups; like the previous ones, it's a must-see for fans of this sort of entertainment.

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