Wrestlemania X

release year: 1994
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/15/12

synopsis: This tenth annual wrestling mega-event featured a couple of the greatest matches ever seen on Wrestlemania.

where it happened: New York City

impressions: As always, I won't go into great detail, but stick to what I thought were the highlights: Vince McMahon as the "good" commentator and Jerry "the King" Lawler as the "bad" commentator...an outstanding Owen Hart vs Bret Hart match...a match with a clown and a midget clown...Randy Savage's last match at a Wrestlemania...a fake President Clinton...a womens' match featuring Alundra Blayze who would later be Madusa...a dumb and poorly-done tag team match with two rapper-types...Lex Luger losing to Yokozuna due to a screwjob by guest referee Mr. Perfect...an outstanding ladder match with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon...an aborted ten-man tag team match...guest referee Roddy Piper...Bret Hart beating Yokozuna for the championship and then being cheered in the ring by all the good-guy wrestlers. Celebrities on hand included Little Richard, the president of the Hair Club for Men, Rhonda Shear, Burt Reynolds, and Donnie Wahlberg.

fun quote #1: Jerry Lawler: "I think I detected hair-pulling right off the bat!"

fun quote #2: Jerry Lawler: "He can't do it! Bret Hart cannot beat his younger brother! And he senses it right now. It's sinking in! Now he's trying to draw on the strength of all these idiots here in this place!"

fun quote #3: Vince McMahon: "Can you imagine what would happen if Bam Bam accidentally ran into Dink?"
Jerry Lawler: "Accidentally? I can imagine. I've thought about it! I've dreamed of it! I've wished for it! I think I may get to see it, too."

fun quote #4: Jerry Lawler: (referring to Yokozuna) "Look at those thighs...look at those hips...look at those tights! Somewhere there's a Toyota without a seat cover, that's how big those tights are!"

fun quote #5: Jerry Lawler: "Now if these idiots out here would quiet down, you could hear Lex Luger submit."

fun quote #6: Jerry Lawler: "Why does he hang on? Why does he prolong the agony?"

fun quote #7: Jerry Lawler: "Shawn's not using the ladder to get the belt, he's using it to destroy Razor Ramon. He's a menace - look at him!"

fun quote #8: Jerry Lawler: "If Shawn Michaels can get up from this, he deserves not only those belts, but more!"

fun quote #9: Vince McMahon: "And Yokuzuna wasting no time at all."
Jerry Lawler: "They didn't even wait to get Burt Reynolds out of the ring!"

final word: This was one of the best ever, with two matches that still stand as some of the greatest of all time.

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