Wrestlemania XI

release year: 1995
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 10/16/12

synopsis: This eleventh annual wrestling mega-event featured a big match between Bam Bam Bigelow and NFL star Lawrence Taylor.

where it happened: Hartford, Connecticut

impressions: As always, I won't go into great detail, but mention the highlights: Vince McMahon as the "good" commentator and Jerry "the King" Lawler as the "bad" commentator again...the gigantic bearded "Blu twins"...the first WM appearance of Sean Waltman aka Syxx aka the 1-2-3 Kid...the first WM appearance of Jeff Jarrett...the Undertaker beating King Kong Bundy despite the urn being stolen...the angle of the constantly-missing Pamela Anderson...Bob Backlund losing in chess to the kid Jonathan Taylor Thomas...the Smoking Gunns losing their tag-team championship to Owen Hart and Yokozuna...Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund in an "I Quit" match...a good long match between Diesel (aka Kevin Nash) and Shawn Michaels...football star Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow in an anti-climactic final match. Celebrities on hand included Nicholas Turturro, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, and six NFL players to back up Lawrence Taylor.

fun quote #1: Jerry Lawler: "Let me just tell you: football is a game where 11 men spend a lot of hours trying to move a small object a hundred yards. It's just like the post office!"

fun quote #2: Jerry Lawler: "That was an unbelievable maneuver right there because ordinarily your hands would slip right off the greasy hair of Ramon...but he was able to drive him right into the mat. It was great!"

fun quote #3: Jerry Lawler: (to Vince McMahon) "I'm still having audio problems...you know why? I can hear you."

fun quote #4: Jerry Lawler: "I thought he was gonna knock their blocks off with that flag...that would've been great!"

fun quote #5: Jerry Lawler: "Can you get a shot of his thighs? The world ain't seen thighs like that since the Brontosaurus died out!"

fun quote #6: Jerry Lawler: "Billy's brains are scrambled...he just fell off the side of the ring after crawling to the wrong corner!"

fun quote #7: Jerry Lawler: "I'm not prejudiced like that guy right there...I hate everybody equally."

final word: Decent...not the best Wrestlemania, but not the worst either.

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