Wrestlemania XIV

release year: 1999
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/16/12

synopsis: This fifteenth annual wrestling mega-event was the last one of the 1990s.

where it happened: Philadelphia

impressions: As always, I won't go into great detail, but just mention the highlights: Boyz II Men sing "America the Beautiful"...a 3-way hardcore match to kick things off...fat boxer Butterbean knocking out Bart Gunn in under a minute...someone in a chicken suit attacking guest referee and boxer Vinny Pazienza and getting beaten up...the Big Show beating Mankind but losing the match because he used steel chairs, then knocking out Vince McMahon, then being taken away by police...a 4-man tag team match where anyone can tag anyone...Triple-H beating Kane due to betrayal by Chyna...a womens' match between Sable and Tori...Shane McMahon beating X-Pac due to a heel turn by Triple-H which becomes a beatdown of Degeneration X...a "hell in a cell" match between Undertaker and Big Boss Man which ended in a simulated hanging of the latter, with a noose and everything...Shawn Michaels stopping Vince McMahon's plans to be the special guest referee at the main event...the Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF championship...Austin attacking Vince McMahon and drinking some beers afterward, even giving one to the referee.

fun quote #1: Jerry Lawler: "You've gotta be playing with a screw loose if you want to be hardcore champion."

fun quote #2: Michael Cole: "Shamrock's out of control, and he paid for it with a boot."

fun quote #3: Jerry Lawler: (response to Pete Rose in the chicken suit attacking wrestlers) "Poor Pete...he'll never get in the Hall of Fame this way!"

fun quote #4: Michael Cole: "And he tosses Triple-H out like a sack of potatoes!"
Jerry Lawler: "I don't know if you can throw a sack of potatoes that far."

fun quote #5: Michael Cole: "Two times now...his kidneys could be in trouble."

fun quote #6: Michael Cole: "And she's on the cover if the largest selling issue of Playboy in 15 years."
Jerry Lawler: "I bought 15 copies! Hah!"
Michael Cole: "Why do you need 15 copies?"
Jerry Lawler: "Haha...I'm not answering that right now."

fun quote #7: Jerry Lawler: "Watch her face! That's Playboy material you're messing with!"

fun quote #8: Jerry Lawler: "Does Tori have an outfit in or is that just paint?

fun quote #9: Jerry Lawler: "She's got an attitude now and I love it!"

fun quote #10: Michael Cole: "And X-Pac out of the ring after Shane...and the chase is on."
Jerry Lawler: "Boy, that Shane is fast!"

fun quote #11: Michael Cole: "Championship belt to the face...referee didn't see it."
Jerry Lawler: "Our prayers are answered!

fun quote #12: Jerry Lawler: "I'm telling ya, it's good to be the king, but...it's gotta be great to be the Rock!"

fun quote #13: Jerry Lawler: "That's a low blow! Come on, ref!"
Jim Ross: "No disqualifications."
Jerry Lawler: "Oh, that's right."

fun quote #14: Jerry Lawler: "Oh, ref! That was a three! You can count to three, can't you?"

final word: This one was decent, but a partial letdown given all the talent involved.

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