Wrestlemania 29

release year: 2013
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/16-18/17

synopsis: This annual wrestling mega-event was the 2013 edition, and lasted over four hours!

where it happened: East Rutherford, New Jersey

impressions: As always, I won't go into great detail, but just mention the highlights: a post-Hurricane-Sandy video package...a double three-man tag team match...Ryback vs Mark Henry in a match of two superstrong guys...a Special Olympics promo...Chris Jericho vs the dancing debut of Fandango...a pointless "Diddy" musical performance...a match where one side was racists...a great Undertaker vs CM Punk contest...Triple H vs Brock Lesnar...John Cena vs the Rock in the headliner.

fun quote #1: 
John Bradshaw: "AJ's going crazy."
Jerry Lawler: "It's not a long trip."
John Bradshaw: "That, or she just saw a butterfly."

fun quote #2: 
Jerry Lawler: "I can tell you from experience, when straps come down, bad things happen."

fun quote #3: 
Mark Henry: (in the ring) "That's what I do!"
Michael Cole: "And indeed, that's what he does."
John Bradshaw: "Mark Henry is manhandling Ryback."
Michael Cole: "Mark Henry hurts people."

fun quote #4: 
Michael Cole: "Paul Heyman had the steel chair, thought he was gonna get involved...instead, he got sweet chin music!"

fun quote #5: 
Jerry Lawler: "The Rock...and that connection that he has with the people. That's why he's the People's Champion! As well as the WWE champion."

final word: Entertaining, with some great athleticism, but different than the early Wrestlemanias.

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