Wrestlemania 30

release year: 2014
genre: vintage wrestling pay-per-view
viewing setting: home DVD, 4/20-23/17

synopsis: This annual wrestling mega-event was the 2014 edition, and really fed off of the heat from the crowd.

where it happened: New Orleans

impressions: As always, I won't go into great detail, but just mention the highlights as I saw them: Hogan, Austin, and the Rock hamming it up in the ring together...Daniel Bryan facing tremendous odds throughout the night, mostly against the evil Authority...a 3-on-3 match featuring the Shield...a great entertaining battle royal...John Cena versus some weird hillbilly people...Brock Lesnar handing Undertaker his first Wrestlemania loss...a 14-woman Divas match that was really athletic...older wrestling Hall of Famers at ringside and in the locker room...a three-man final match for the heavyweight championship. Only seven matches, but it had a decent running time and was, for the most part, entertaining.

fun quote #1: 
Jerry Lawler: (in response to the Rock suddenly joining Hogan and Austin in the ring) "Wrestlemania moment! Wrestlemania moment!"

fun quote #2: 
Jerry Lawler: "Seth Rollins off the top rope! The hounds of justice are flying all over the place!"

fun quote #3: 
Jerry Lawler: "Wrestling the Shield is like...being married to Larry King. You know it's gonna be painful, but it's not gonna last long."

fun quote #4: 
Michael Cole: "The honor of winning this Andre the Giant memorial battle royal...this will be a career-defining moment for one of these superstars."
John Layfield: (as someone is thrown out of the ring) "Not him."

fun quote #5: 
Jerry Lawler: "There are no buddies in this battle royal!"

fun quote #6: 
Jerry Lawler: "In this battle royal, we've got no more sense of direction than a bunch of firecrackers."

fun quote #7: 
Jerry Lawler: "Somebody stop him!"
Michael Cole: "And the beat goes on."

fun quote #8: 
John Layfield: "Haha...he's gonna throw him in the cheap seats! Get ready, universe! You're about to catch a flying Kofi."
Jerry Lawler: "Kofi's children are gonna be born dizzy."

fun quote #9: 
Michael Cole: "Is there any strategy at all in this match, John?"
John Layfield: "...I've never been in a 14 divas match...what the hell do you think?"

fun quote #10: 
Jerry Lawler: "Bryan?!? Where did he come from? He disappears!"
John Layfield: "How is he even still around?"

final word: Entertaining, with some great athleticism and a lot of matches that the crowd was really into.

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