Wolf Creek

release year: 2005
genre: suspense/horror
viewing setting: home DVd, 7/2/06

synopsis: Three twentysomething kids drive out into the middle of nowhere to see a big meteor crater, and end up as prisoners of a brutal killer.

impressions: I think I just watched this movie a couple of days ago, only it had a different name: High Tension. Or was it actually The Hills Have Eyes? Oh, I remember now: those two movies fused together into one, and this is it. Wolf Creek is the name of the meteor crater site, and it's out in the Australia wilderness. This is most unfortunate when your car breaks down, as happened to the main characters here. Add one very direct killer with sadistic tendencies, bear in mind that there's no help and no way out, and there you have it. This one was okay, but we found ourselves yelling at the characters in the movie, who made the capital mistake of not finishing off the killer when he was down and out. Well, let's just say they came to regret it. My problem with movies like this is that there's no supernatural element at all - just a vicious killer who likes to torture his victims.

trivia:This movie was based on actual events

something this movie has that no other movie has: The "head on a stick" (you'll know it when you see it.)

acting: The three young actors do a good job (even having flashes of competence amidst their general stupidity) but the best acting job here is that of John Jarratt, who plays the seemingly nice guy who turns out to be psychotic.

final word: Violent, mean serial killer movie.

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