Q: Why do some of your reviews have ratings, while others don't? What about the different colors and fonts?
A: I used to grade every movie I watched and reviewed. Beginning with Battle Beyond the Stars on 8/1/2002, I stopped rating them. At the same time, I switched from the old black-on-yellow Courier-fonted look to cascading style sheets. The last old-style review I did was The Hunt For Red October on 7/22/2001. Previously, I did numerous capsule reviews on one single page; to see that format, click here. Even before that was my cheesy horror movie review format, which you can see by clicking here.

Q: Why is your complete list of reviews organized from A to Z? I want categories!
A: I code my movie reviews and lists the same way I prefer to see movies in the retail or rental store: easy to find. I don't like it when they're broken up into categories based on what someone else thinks the movie is. I mean, what would you classify Pulp Fiction as?

Q: Occasionally, you take stabs at Roger Ebert. Why?
A: Because occasionally he doesn't pay attention. I cite exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C as evidence. In all of these cases, the same thing is going on: the reviewer just wasn't paying attention to the movie they were watching. I'm sure I do it sometimes too, and if this is pointed out to me, I'll gladly fix my review. In general, I strive to make a movie I'm watching the #1 priority at that time - I don't surf the web, talk on the phone, wander away while the movie is playing, and so on.