release year: 1991
genre: sci-fi
viewing setting: home DVD, 6/30/99
what I expected: some corny shit
what I got: mindless special effects

synopsis: Two utter morons end up helping an intergalactic bounty hunter fight a really tough alien monster.

impressions: The dubbed dialogue was corny, but the action was mostly decent. At first, the monster (Zeram) was shown as being really violent and dangerous, but the aforementioned morons were somehow able to survive repeated encounters with it, which diluted the effect a lot. The Zeram had a fleshy telescoping head with a little grinning fanged face, which was pretty cool. Good special effects, weapons, and hand-to-hand fight scenes.

body count: maybe a half-dozen at the very beginning

acting: Dubbed dialogue, plus the lines were really goofy a lot of the time.

final word: Interesting premise and start, but it cooled down some as it progressed.

rating: C

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