Bad News Bears

release year: 1976
genre: baseball comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 1/18/06

synopsis: A grumpy alcoholic ex-pitcher gets put in charge of a Little League baseball team of misfits.

impressions: Unfortunately, I saw the remake before I saw this original, and I suspect that soured me a bit - not because either are bad movies, but because they're damn near identical. Almost every major scene is just a re-shoot with different actors. Having said that, I'll now say that this original is at least as good as the remake, and there was really no need for the remake. The main theme I got out of this movie (or both movies, really) is that adults often spoil the fun for kids, when it comes to sports - and that's a bad thing.

something this movie has that no other movie has: ???

acting: Walter Matthau is good as the grumpy ex-major-leaguer who ends up helping the kids get better. Tatum O'Neal is his stepdaughter with a strong pitching arm.

final word: Good kids' baseball comedy/drama which did not require a 2005 remake.

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