Castlevania, season 1 (4 episodes)

release year: 2017
genre: animated fantasy/horror
viewing setting: home Bluray 1/2-5/19

synopsis: In a land menaced by monsters unleashed by a vengeful Count Dracula, a few brave people gather together to try and stop him.

impressions: This first season was just four episodes, but in that brief time a lot got done. The main character was introduces, along with his motivations (or sometimes lack thereof.) Ditto for the main villain, who to be honest has a lot of reason to hate humans, although his vengeance could have stopped at those directly resonsible for his grief. There are monsters, regular people who just act shitty and deserve to die, fighting, blodo and gore, cursing...this is definitely an R-rated animated series and not for kids. It was written by Warren Ellis, who's been responsible for some of the best comic book work out there (see here and here for details.)

acting: It's just voices, but Richard Armitage (who played Thorin in the Hobbit trilogy) is the voice of the human vampire hunter, and Graham McTavish (who played Dwalin in the same trilogy, as well as the Saint of Killers in Preacher) is the voice of Dracula.

final word: This entertaining and gory quartet of episides establishes the framework for what could be a great horror series.

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