The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

release year: 1987
genre: horror
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 1/22/97
what I expected: wasn't sure
what I got: intentionally corny horror movie

synopsis: Four young people go to a remote cabin in some remote woods, find the Book of the Dead, open it, and unleash terrible evil forces.

impressions: Very tongue-in-cheek, with some genuine spooky moments. This was a larger-budget remake of Sam Raimi's original Evil Dead; both are essentially above-average beginners' horror films. The monsters (basically undead who move really fast) proved pretty tough to kill. There wa also a lot of 3 Stooges-type humor, which gave the whole thing a weird funny/scary overtone.

body count: 3, plus assorted monsters and monster parts

acting: Intentionally corny.

the good: Some nifty scares and humor.

the bad: Corniness may bother some serious horror fans.

final word: Worth seeing once at least - and don't miss the sequel

rating: C

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