A Very Harold And Kumar Christmas

"aaaaaaaaa" - bbbbbbb

release year: 2011
genre: comedy
viewing setting: home Bluray 10/19/13

synopsis: Years after their first and second crazy adventures, Harold and Kumar cross paths once more.

impressions: So one of them has settled down, gotten married, and makes a ton of money. The other lives in an apartment, has no job or money, and smokes dope all the time. Still, when they get back together (by accident) it's soon like old times, with all kinds of crazy stuff going on. And it is indeed crazy, if not also offensive to most people; here are just a few of the elements found in this movie: a roommate renting out the bathroom to homeless guys, drugs from Santa Claus, Christmas tree ignition, a foreign mobster's daughter, beer pong against pre-teens, a baby on drugs, Neil Patrick Harris kicked out of Heaven, a robot that makes waffles and gains other handy skills along the way, surgery on Santa Claus. If you're watching this movie, you probably saw the first two and know what to expect anyway.

acting: John Cho is Harold, the quiet Asian. Kal Penn is Kumar, the party animal Indian. Neil Patrick Harris is an insane, wild version of himself and provides some crude over-the-top laughs. Thomas Lennon is Harold's friend who refuses to curse and inadvertently brings his baby daughter along for the insanity. Amir Blumenfeld is a really annoying dork and Kumar's new roommate. Paula Garces is Maria, who ended up marrying Harold. Danny Trejo is her father, who hates Harold and places all kinds of demands on Harold. Elias Koteas is a ruthless European gangster.

final word: More of the same; if you liked the others, you'll have a good time with this one.

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