It's Alive 3: Island of the Alive

release year: 1987
genre: horror/drama
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/1/10 and 11/24/04

synopsis: After a court battle for the lives of the mutant babies, they are shipped off to a deserted island to live in peace...until various groups decide to go check on them.

impressions: This is, I guess, a logical continuation of the first and second movies, but it gets hokey pretty fast. The basic plot idea is a good one, and I can even understand people going back to the island, but what happens next borders on idiotic.

body count: 19

things to watch for: the segment with the evil corporation executives going to the island is good

something this movie has that no other movie has: FIVE murderous mutant babies who have begun to grow up

acting: Michael Moriarty (as a divorced father of one of the babies) and James Dixon (reprising his role as the police chief) provide about 99% of the humor in this movie; about 80% of that comes from Moriarty. He seems to fully realize what sort of cheese he's starring in, and makes the most of it. The woman who plays his estranged wife does a good job of creating an unlikeable character.

final word: Worth watching once, especially if you liked the first two.

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