Kill Bill vol 2

Budd: "You're telling me she cut through eighty-eight bodyguards before she got to O-Ren?"
Bill: "Nah, there weren't really eighty-eight of them. They just called themselves The Crazy 88."
Budd: "How come?"
Bill: "I don't know. I guess they thought it sounded cool."

release year: 2004
genre: action/adventure
viewing setting: home Bluray 7/3/15 and home DVD, 2/27/12 and 10/6/06 and theater, 5/1/04

synopsis: In this continuation of the first movie, the Bride sets her sights on the man who shot her at her wedding four years ago.

impressions: This was a good second part to this story. It lacked the mass violence of the first one, but then again, what can beat a hundred-person swordfight? No, this was the completing of the circle, where we find out more about what happened, as well as Bill's motivations. There are some unsettling parts, but anyone who's watching this movie shouldn't mind.

things to watch for: Tarantino pays homage to dozens of other movies, and you just have to be on the lookout for these.

something this movie has that no other movie has: The five-point palm exploding heart technique!

acting: Uma Thurman is the centerpiece here, and she's good as the revenge-minded wronged assassin, but it's David Carradine who steals the show, with his quiet, subdued, powerful confidence and manner. Daryl Hannah is good as a vicious assassin, and Michael Madsen makes a convincing assassin-turned-bum. Gordon Liu is hilarious as the old martial arts master, Pai Mei.

final word: Must-see TV if you liked the first chapter, or Tarantino movies in general.

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