release year: 2009
genre: disaster action/drama
viewing setting: cable TV, 10/10/09

synopsis: Something's wrong with the tectonic plates, which causes a gigantic fault to open up and spread, destroying everything around.

impressions: This was just something that debuted on TV when I happened to be watching. It had a good premise, but some silly/bad elements. For example, the spreading crack in the ground seemed to chase people, which was insane (this movie contained the line: "You need to stop this truck!" followed by "I can't - there's an earthquake on our tail!") Another thing: one character just kind of tagged along and was soon given total trust/responsibility by those in authority. Another thing: when the fate of the world is at stake, couldn't the Army devote more resources that a couple of trucks and personnel? Another: the kind of explosives needed to create "another Grand Canyon" make much, much larger explosions than what this movie contained. Plus, the science behind the nature and expansion of this big crack in the earth was sketchy.

something this movie has that no other movie has: A giant crack in the ground that chases people as it grows (I don't think this was how they intended it to appear.)

acting: Brittany Murphy was terrible - she didn't act well, and her lips don't even look human anymore (was there plastic surgery?) Eriq La Salle was decent as an explosives expert. Bruce Davison and his awful gray hair portrayed another geologist. Paul Logan (a main star in such Sci-Fi movies as The Terminators, Komodo vs Cobra, and Curse of the Komodo) was a helicopter pilot.

final word: Less-than-great disaster movie.

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