Mississippi River Sharks

"Why would a shark attack a riverboat? Something isn't right here."   - Tara

release year: 2017
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/11/19

synopsis: A bunch of sharks terrorize a riverside community during its annual fishing competition.

impressions: And the shark cheese continues. This one was obviously a TV movie, as it had pauses where the commericals originally were (fortunately, I watched it on DVD and didn't have to see any commericals.) It tried, but had several issues...many attacks took place in waist- or even knee-deep water, sometimes defying the laws of physics...the attacks were random and varied widely in their effectiveness...at one point a shark flew out of the water to bite some victim in half. Another time, a shark imbedded itself in the middle of some guy's torso. I'll just stop there.

acting: Cassie Steele is the scientifically-inclined heroine, and Miles Doleac is her fairly competent father. Tahj Vaughans is the other kid who has a crush on her, and Dean West is his bumbling comic-relief friend.

final word: Entertaining shark cheese, not quite up to the level of Ghost Shark though.

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