Ocean's Thirteen

Rusty: "They built (casinos) smaller back then."
Danny: "Yeah, but they seemed big."

release year: 2007
genre: drama/comedy
viewing setting: home DVD, 9/5/13

synopsis: When one of their own is double-crossed by a business partner and has a near-fatal heart attack, the rest of the group decides to take a little revenge.

impressions: This was good, though probably the last original idea that can be used with the characters and their history. The crew embarks upon a multi-pronged attack to ruin the bad guy's casino's grand opening, to the best of their considerable abilities.

acting: It's pretty much the same as before except no female protagonist characters. Al Pacino is new as the evil casino mogul, and Ellin Barkin is his super-sultry all-business aide. Andy Garcia is on the side of the good guys this time, at least as much as his character can be.

final word: Still entertaining, but neither sequel can match up to the first one.

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