The Six Million Dollar Man: To Catch the Eagle

episode number: season 4, episode 22 (1977)
viewing setting: home DVD, 7/18/12

episode synopsis: Steve heads into some Indian land to try and find two missing OSI scientists, but meets resistance from the local Indians.

impressions: This was the Indian episode, complete with hostility, earned respect, and rituals Steve must go through to have the right to look for the missing guys on the forbidden land. It was entertaining but a little odd.

notable guest stars: Kathleen Beller (who played the cute princess in The Sword and the Sorceror five years after this episode) is a well-meaning Indian girl here.

significant bionic antics: Steve uses his bionic arm to win an arm-wrestling match, lifts some small boulders, chases/lassos/breaks a wild horse, dodges thrown spears, isn't affected by a poisoned spear cut due to it slicing his bionic arm, carries a 200-lb log up a hill, spots a hidden jeep, catches a flying eagle, moves boulders, and hurls a rock to knock a bad guy down.

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