Star Trek III: The Search For Spock

Kirk: "My God, Bones...what have I done?"
McCoy: "What you had to do...what you always do...turn death into a fighting chance to live."

release year: 1984
genre: science fiction
viewing setting: home DVD 11/21/13

synopsis: While Kirk and crew race to save Spock's soul, Klingons close in on the Genesis device.

impressions: This was a direct sequel to the last one and continued the plot. Seems that Spock's not quite dead; his memory/spirit is hidden in McCoy's mind, while his dead body has been healed because it landed on the Genesis planet. Unfortunately, not only are renegade Klingons closing on on that planet, but the planet's about to tear itself apart. Good stuff.

acting: New additions this time: Christopher Lloyd was the hostile Klingon commander, and Robin Curtis was Saavik; both had a lot to do. Merritt Butrick returns as David Marcus, Kirk's son.

final word: Another of the better movies based on the original series.

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