Swamp Shark

release year: 2011
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/13/19

synopsis: A weird prehistoric shark gets loose in the swamps and invites itself to the annual "Gator Fest" event.

impressions: Another shark movie from the same formula: made-for-TV (so no major gore etc), anyone in the water is pretty much going to get eaten no matter how deep or shallow the water is, at least one major character will die in an attempt to provide some feedback, the people will fashion some makeshift weapon to fight the shark(s), and last but not least, a shark will fly out of the water to get someone, at least once. This time, there's at least a semblance of a subplot about why/how the shark got there in the first place.

acting: Kristy Swanson is the main woman, who owns a restaurant and rallies her various family members to fight the shark. DB Sweeney is a mysterious guy who's competent at dealing with dangerous situations. Richard Tanne is the annoying boyfriend. Sophie Sinise is the younger sister, and Jeff Chase (who was an assassin in the 2011 Mechanic remake) is the hulking ex-NFL-playing brother. Robert Davi (perhaps most notable as one of the FBI guys in Die Hard) is the corrupt sheriff. Retired baseball great Wade Boggs has a minor role as a deputy.

final word: Yet another twist on what's becoming a familiar shark movie formula; entertaining for at least one viewing.

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