Uncle Sam

release year: 1998, direct to video
genre: cheesy horror
viewing setting: home laserdisc, 6/26/98
what I expected: cheese
what I got: cheese

synopsis: A mean dead soldier comes back from the dead to kill the unpatriotic and stupid.

impressions: Pure cheese. It had the requisite elements: a stupid annoying kid, bad acting, idiotic weak victims, and a corny one-liner-spouting killer. Hell, what can you expect from the same people who gave us Jack Frost? This movie's killer even had the same problems - he wandered around and killed some people at random while sparing others, also at random. He wasn't as ineffective as Jack Frost, though. One problem with this movie was that it didn't deliver the expected nudity. It did have some gore, though not nearly enough to compensate for the lack of nudity. Extra bonus: it had Isaac Hayes as a protagonist - perhaps the only thing that salvaged it from an "F" rating.

acting: Aaaargh!

reviewer's quote: (referring to toys being thrown away on-screen) "The waste...the terrible waste. Kinda like the film this movie was shot on."

final word: Pure cheese, entertaining yet unfulfilling.

rating: D+

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