Ozark Sharks

release year: 2016
genre: monster horror
viewing setting: home DVD, 11/12/19

synopsis: A family's wilderness vacation turns into a nightmare thanks to sharks.

impressions: Once again, we have a shark movie based around the idea of sharks being where sharks shouldn't be. This includes yet more instances of people being killed while standing in knee-deep water, despite the shark being shown swimming around in much deeper water. If you put that nonsense aside, though, this was pretty funny, with numerous jokes and gags and corny lines, including a shark eating a bunch of fireworks that then explode and a shark being fed into a wood chipper. Also, I will say that once again...sharks fly through the air to get victims. Twice! And there's a crazy old codger with a whole workroom full of cool weapons that he built.

acting: Dave Davis and Allisyn Ashley Arm are the siblings who end up becoming Ozark shark fighters. Ross Britz is the goofy boyfriend of the sister. Ashton Leigh is the cute survivor of an earlier attack. Thomas Francis Murphy is the crazy old store owner who doubles as a manufacturer of odd cool weapons.

final word: Fairly entertaining shark cheese, better than Mississippi River Sharks but not quite up to the level of Ghost Shark though.

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