Resident Evil: Apocalypse

release year: 2004
genre: horror/action
viewing setting: cable TV, 12/19/04

synopsis: Immediately after the events of the first movie, its sole survivor and some assorted others find themselves trapped in the city full of zombies.

impressions: Good, but had the exact same problem as Anacondas: excessive darkness during pivotal action scenes. The plot moved along fairly quickly and the action and special effects were top-notch.

things to watch for: The initial appearance of "Nemesis"

something this movie has that no other movie has: Nemesis: a remote-controlled hulk of a zombie armed with machine guns

acting: The roles are simple, cliched, and about all that's really necessary here. Milla Jovovich returns as gun-toting badas$ chick #1, while Sienna Guillory debuts as gun-toting badas$ chick #2. Oded Fehr is a male cop. They all do good jobs with what they're given.

interesting casting trivia: The role of Nemesis wasn't CGI but rather done by a real actor: Matthew Taylor, who played the big bruiser Chongo in Detroit Rock City.

final word: Pretty good zombie action, despite poor filming/lighting practices in key scenes.

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